The Official Bit: 

  A deep love for music, God, nature and the sea is the defining force in all that Deborah Sprout has done and been her entire life.  Since early childhood, she has had an uncanny affinity with all of creation, an alertness to all things around her and a vision for expressing her feelings through music, literature and visual arts. 

 With several excellent creative instructors, and exposure to an incredible array of musical styles and artists -  Classical; Latin; Jazz - old-school Country; Blues; Folk; Celtic - and everything in between - Deborah has gathered fuel and inspiration to become an impressively diverse writer of intelligent, soulful songs, poetry, and fiction. 

 Deborah has performed in numerous Northeastern USA venues and she was well received whilst touring in France and Wales during 2005, and in England and Scotland in 2011.   Her first full-length CD, "You'll Just Never Know" has been steadily gathering fans in the USA, UK, and around the world. 

 Now, having resigned from working several years as the lead singer in the Haddon Jazz Quartet, Deborah is in the process of fulfilling a long-held dream of gathering a team of highly-talented musicians to perform as several different entities - The Deborah Sprout Band; Under My Umbrella ('60's pop); The Algorythms (jazz); and a traditional folk band (as yet unnamed). 

 Her debut CD, "You'll Just Never Know", along with her other creative works are all available for sale at THE SHOP on this website.  The songs are also available at 

 CD BABY , iTunes and various other mp3  websites.


The Personal Bit:

 I've always had difficulty settling on only one creative project.  It seems everywhere I turn, I find new inspiration to design, build, write, paint ... to make something new and beautiful.  

 Forcing myself to be practical (supposedly a word foreign to artists - smile)  - that I'm not going to become excellent at absolutely every creative venture available - I've tried hard to focus my energies on only a few art forms (at least, for now - smile).

 From this hyperactive creative spirit comes this website - an outlet for all of it. This is a place I can share whatever's going on in - and spilling from - my wonder-filled imagination with any and all who may have interest. I hope something here will catch your eye, touch your heart, and resonate with your soul ... And that you will join me in this adventure.

Thanks to so many of you who already have become a part of my world...

And welcome to all. 

                      - Deborah Sprout  xx